The most genuine Ticino

Vivid colours, tasty flavours and a cheerful atmosphere:

these are the essential features of a Ticino market.

Taking place in the squares and little streets of the old towns-centres, these markets are just great to stroll around in.

Discover traditional food delicacies, as well as products hand-crafted in diverse materials, including ceramics, wood, wool, felt and straw, all with that exclusive, individual touch.

Via Pessina, Lugano
Cheese of Ticino
Production of wool
Straw handbag

And if this sparks you interest, why not visit Gordola’s Centre for Craftsmanship (Centro dell’Artigianato).

You’ll be stunned by the skills displayed and maybe even tempted to try one of the courses available?

Artisans of Ticino, Gordola center
Stone processing, Vallemaggia
Production of copper

Discover a genuine Ticino while exploring markets and craftmanship.