One Canton on a silver platter

If you like to travel with taste, why not let Ticino fill you up?

You can plan your stay to include everything from gourmet to the rustic ‘grotto’ restaurants.

And of course, indulge in the pleasures of a glass of the great local wine.

Chef, Ascona
Restaurant Lugano

Or journey into the remarkable local wine cellars and idyllic vineyards of the region.

Taste refined wines and traditional produce.

And if you become fond of the local recipes, why not attend a cooking class and take them home with you?

Wine cellar, Losone
 Cooking lessons with local products

Discover dishes where the innovation of Michelin-starred chefs combines with popular traditions.

In the kitchen with a chef

Take a journey through flavour.

Enjoy the real taste of Ticino.

Grotto, Luganese