A land filled with wonders

Explore a region which has more than plenty to offer.

Come to the Italian part of Switzerland to discover an area which can meet all your needs, whatever your desire for your break and regardless of how much time you might have.

Within just a few miles you’ll discover some amazing variety:

from nature to culture, food delicacies to spectacular wine, and amazing sport and shopping opportunities.

Caviano alp

Excursions in Ticino


If you love to travel with taste in mind, then get ready to taste Ticino.

Mix your culinary experiences between starred restaurants and traditional rustic grotto eating for the best of local specialities.

Lose yourself among the cellars and the picturesque vineyards of the region, while sipping refined wines and sampling exquisite traditional produce.

Restaurant, Cavigliano
Grotto, Vallemaggia

And if you want to stay in shape, in the Italian part of Switzerland you can indulge in all your favourite sports pretty much year-round thanks to the mild climate.

While Summer is ideal for water sports in the rivers and the lakes, Winter is a skiing and sledging paradise.

Make sure to save a little time though, for the well-maintained parks, the beautiful museums and the ‘movida’.

Ticino can’t wait to show you all its wonders.